Wednesday, April 3, 2013

How to deal with social media whiners while Pope Francis is on the line.

Stop me if you've heard this; People hate when you brag on FaceBook, "Geez you're on Facebook all the time!" "Can you please stop checking in at the gym?!?"
I could go on and on but, I will spare you.

If people bragging on fb bugs you then unfollow / unfriend them! If someone is finding it hard to deal with life and they feel as if fb or twitter is an outlet for what little of their own positivity they have, then so be it!  Let's leave well enough alone! I like to post on fb that I just finished a 5 mile run and how long it took me to run those 5 miles! If this truly annoys you, then go away!

In the same way that my "bragging" is getting under your online skin, your incessant whining about my positivity is just as annoying to me. If all of you Debbie Downers really bothered me then I would unfriend / unfollow you, but, alas I don't because it's social media! It is just an outlet!  

Now I just heard a news report that  fb is causing depression to people who read all of these Braggarts' statuses / Tweets! SERIOUSLY?!?!? Social Media is causing depression?!?!?  What's next my positive lifestyle or general good feelings are making me too happy to ever be depressed ever again?!!? 
Reread that last sentence and please tell me you see how ridiculous it is!
Just because I ran 5 miles, ate all of my veggies yesterday, served a holiday meal to the needy and now I am being considered for Beatification by Pope Francis; YOU SHOULD BE DEPRESSED! I mean how could your boring pathetic life ever be as good as mine?

You see; you are not depressed because my life is so glorious! You are not depressed because your team lost the big game, you are not depressed because you didn't eat your veggies and I did!
You are probably depressed because depression is an actual disease! It is and can be a debilitating insipid disease! With the potential to be very harmful to you and those around you.

So the next time you see me and tell me "WOW!" You're on FaceBook a lot! Don't be surprised if I turn around and say oh you must be on there a lot as well otherwise, how would you know that I post on there all of the time?
So try not to criticize others when you're doing the same thing in an a different way, that you may consider annoying.

So let's all please stop whining about how much you hate us braggarts on fb and twitter because maybe, just maybe,  you're annoying us with your bitching!

Let's get over ourselves! Social media isn't going anywhere! Just unfriend those of us that annoy you. We won't mind not seeing your boring and negative posts.
Besides Pope Francis is on the line, my asparagus is ready and doggonnitt, I need to go for a run!!