Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Danny Faulkner

I am currently reading "Murdered by Mumia." which was written by Maureen Faulkner and Michael Smerconish. Mrs. Faulkner is the widow of the murdered Philadelphia Police officer Daniel Faulkner. Mumia Abul Jamal is the murderer.

Jamal was convicted by a jury of his peers in 1981.

In the nearly 30 years since Faulkner's murder, Jamal has become a media darling. You see he was at one time before the murder a journalist, radio broadcaster, as well as the one time head of the Black Panther Party in Philadelphia.

The reason that I say Mr. Jamal has become a media darling is because of his questionable intelligence he has managed to parlay himself as the poster child of the anti death penalty movement. He has been published in the Yale Law review. he has also written books and the most amazing one of all has a radio show. He is an honorary French Citizen, but honestly who cares about that one.

Some Hollywood heavyweights have even thrown their misguided support behind this cold blooded Murderer!

My only question is, WHY IS MUMIA ABUL JAMAL STILL ALIVE!?!?!?!?!?

The misguided Hollywood morons have succeeded in Martyring this murderer and sustaining this animal's life.The death penalty is in place for scumbags just like this. And he is still breathing!

While the many Faulkner family members and Mrs. Faulkner's family members are all gone. How is this possible? This man has been on death row since 1981!!!!! He will never be released no appeal will ever overturn his conviction, Nothing will change. Yet and still he exhales our precious oxygen.

All he is doing is wasting taxpayer money. It is my opinion he is probably the most coddled prisoner in the world, AND HE IS ON DEATH ROW!?!?!?

How could this be?

PLEASE DO DANIEL FAULKNER A FAVOR AND EXECUTE THIS ANIMAL. There is some money the commonwealth can save on the next budget. Every little bit helps doesn't it?