Wednesday, September 25, 2013


My first radio interview with Deb Durst author of "There's Lipstick on my pigskin." About teamwork healthy lifestyles and life in general.... Here's the link:

Friday, September 6, 2013

The New Job Tebow should be offered

Recently it was announced that Tim Tebow was not going to make the cut as a Quarterback in the NFL, at least not with the New England Patriots.
Tim Tebow with his steadfast tenacity and pure desire then announced that he would continue to still seek another potential opportunity to fulfill his lifelong dream of being an NFL QB.
Problem being with the NFL being a closely guarded fraternity that it is. It does look like the dream for Tebow might  have run it's course.
There aren't many teams that will be reaching out to Tebow to man their sidelines to be master of the Clipboard let alone as the Starter of their offense. Which is sad to me but, not because of his ability or lack there of but; as we all read the offseason NFL police blotter we find a veritable laundry list of NFL stars on that blotter. I wonder if the NFL has considered this young man as some sort of liaison to the young men of this league in a potentially newly created position of "NFL Goodguy"
Tim Tebow would thrive in a position like this as would the young men coming into this league! I know that Tony Dungy had  a lot to do with the Mike Vick signing a few years back when he came back to NFL after a 2 year absence and prison sentence. Apparently it has worked well with Vick. He has apparently become and model citizen in the NFL.
Now Tebow hasn't lead that kind of life and it would appear that he has not ever lived a life which could have been construed as a troubled one.
With all of these of these young men entering the league and instantly becoming very wealthy but, not knowing, or for lack of a better term, not knowing how to act with all of that money and fame, becoming a non functioning member of society.
That's where Tebow would come in. The NFL should hire Tebow as a guide for the young men of this league and for the future young men of this league. He could become a younger fresher version of Dungy someone less of a fatherly  / coach figure and more as a guy who has some success in this league and hugely successful college career. He could teach these kids / young men some of the potential pratfalls in this lifestyle.
Tebow could teach these guys many things but, most of all he could teach these kids some humility. That's not to say these kids aren't humble but, I think he could coax some of them into becoming functioning members of this society and the society that is the NFL.
Hey Mr. Goodell are you listening? There is a guy out there who could someday replace you but, right now you should consider using  him as the quarterback of your franchise one in desperate need of some sort of guidance.
It may just result in one less Aaron Hernandez tomorrow and one less Aaron Hernandez could be a good thing and not just for the NFL.