Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Death in the family.

A few years ago my family lost another member.  He was my grandfather's brother. I was very close to my late grandfather subsequently, I spent alot of time with my Uncle Hugo as well, when I was an young Impressionable child. The senior men in my family were all blue collar guys they did what they had to do to make ends meet and support thier families. My grandfather was a superintendant, basically a handy man for a huge New York city apartment complex. I am not really sure what my Uncle did but what ever it was rest assured it wasn't easy and it wasn't glamorous. I remeber watching my grandfather getting ready for work every morning showering shaving making sure he was completely presentable. One day @ the age of 10 I asked my grandfather. "Why do you bother getting all cleaned up shaved and looking like yu are going to work at some big company?" My grandfather was the strongest man I knew, he was also the kindest soul I have ever known. He turned to look at me bent down, so as not to talk down to me and said, "Georgie I go into people's homes and fix thier problems. These are thier homes, If I don't take pride in my appearence then How can I be the best Super ?" he paused and I asked my follow up question, "But you are just the Super!" Yes but if I can be the best super then why wouldn't I do my best to be the Best super!"

In my humble opinion It is this type of attitude that is severely lacking in today's workforce. I cannot think of too many people who take personal pride in thier work nowadays. I am definitely guilty of the same attitude in certains jobs I have had in the past. I know most of today's workforce is just trying to scrape by with the jobs they have. That doesn't excuse us from having a little self pride and doing the best we can, for ourselves, and especially for our employer. If not them then how about being thankful we are able to provide something for our families.

In today's economy most of us are lucky to have a job. How about we act like we appreciate the little things in life that are not owed to us and we should be thankful for.

If you are serving tables, pumping gas (In New Jersey), educating our children or caring for our elderly. Please be thankful you have at least that job. Some of us have to have multiple jobs just to survive.

As an aside this is for those of us for who are the ones going to those restaurants or any other establishment where we are being serviced, be mindful of what that server, gas attendant, again in Jersey, or the medical staff in a busy E.R. is going through. We don't know what someone else going through be it either personally or in that same job. That server may not be looking for the next big tip he / she may just be looking for the one customer that day that is polite and takes everything in stride.

This is for all of us who struggle everyday with the everyday struggles.

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