Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Lucky number '13. 13 goals for 2013.

I have always had an affinity for the number 13. Well the calendar has rolled into the new year and it is now 2013 and since 13 is my favorite number it got me thinking of more numbers from this past year.

262 - That is how many potential days I had to go to my gym or get in a workout. I try and spend my weekends at home with my family so, I don't do too many workouts on the weekends.

200 - Actually closer to how many potential workouts I probably did this past year.

30  -   approximately  how many pounds I lost  in 2012.

63  - New Facebook  fans in 2012.

5.25  - New Facebook fans per day.

0  -  Personal visits to the emergency room.

2  -  Visits to the emergency room made by my wife this past year.

6  -  Amount of 5K races I participated in.

1  -  Half Marathon I completed.

5  -  Blog posts on blogger  in 2012.

3  -  Video blog posts on youtube.

208  - Loads of laundry completed.

20, 6, & 5  - The ages my children turned in 2012.

Those are my 13 numerical observations from 2012.

And now 13 goals for 2013:

1 - Attempt to blog every day.

2  - Lose 20 more pounds.

3  - Continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

4  - Build my voiceover / podcasting studio & business.

5  - Help my Brother in law with his new business.

6  - Be a better husband & Father. Since no one is perfect.

7  - Continue going to Church every week, rediscover my faith.

8  - Visit my Parents & Brothers in Florida.

9  - Write, write and write some more. Ie; Blogs, ebook and my great American novel.

10 - Take some small business and podcasting courses online.

11 - Find a mentor and become a mentor.

12 - Complete another half marathon & beat last years less than stellar time.

13 - Continue becoming a rockstar!

Well there you have it! Keep in mind that I never make resolutions they never seem to work, I try and set "goals". So what will you do this year? How will 2013 be different from 2012 for you? Don't be afraid to leave a comment on the bottom of this post. I will try to respond to all of your comments.

Happy 2013!

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