Monday, March 23, 2009


Does anyone watch or listen to commercials anymore? With the advent of DVR who would? How does the advertising industry survive?
Dvr / on demand has killed tv ads, Satellite radio only has commercials on the talk stations. When I am in my car I can drive 24 - 7 and never hear a commercial.
Now I can also watch my tv shows on the computer. Even that only has like three commercials during an hour show! So how does the ad industry survive? Someone help me on this.
Now let's not get it twisted, I am glad I don't have to watch or listen to them. However someone told me everyone advertises on the internet. Even that is limiting I mean how many of us really click on those links? Another person mentioned to me it is all about brand recognition, those products are all so recognizable that is just what we buy. That doesn't help any new products. I mean are there any other types of ketchup, besides Heinz? And what if someone came up with another ketchup, how do they get thier brand recognition nowadays?
I welcome any comments or thoughts on this issue.
Make it a good day!

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