Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Big Love

Wifey and I caught up on "Big Love" last night. It's like the Morman Soprano's. The show is awesome! And there are barely any curses, which is hillarious. Everytime someone should be swearing they say stuff like "Dadgummit!" I mean who speaks like that. It is truly amazing that there are people who live this way. I can barely handle one wife and 3 kids, let alone 3 wives and umpteen kids. I imagine that those who believe enough to live that life are similar to what happens on this show. I mean who else could think this stuff up? Since in Hollywood there are very few original ideas floating around. I mean how many comic books are going to become movies, and who knew there were that many comic books to begin with. Now I just read an actor dropped out of the Footloose remake. Why does Hollywood need to mess with these movies. The original's are fine enough. I mean what's next a Breakfast club remake. Yeah that sounds good maybe Miley Cyrus can play the Molly ringwald role. That is how ridiculous Hollywood has become.

That is why when I see a show that is as good as Big Love, Weeds, Californication and Entourage. I become really engrossed in them. After all it is basically the only good thing coming from Hollywood any more.

I guess i should start watching Bollywood movies, they can't be much worse.

I'm just saying.

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