Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Your Daily Dish to a Fit & Fabulous…. Day 2 / Part 2

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6.     Slow Your Roll - After the first 10-days of the newer you, you’re going to want to turn it up a notch. This is where inevitably almost everyone quits! DO NOT throw in the towel!  This is when most people get the feeling that a mile on the treadmill is just too easy--and I should be kicking it up to 3 miles, or revert to your old exercise program” "I used to run 25 miles a week, so 5 miles now should be easy!” < insert game show buzzer here > Wrong!  Listen, even Bill Clinton doesn't look like he did 20 years ago.  Trust me, you aren't 25 anymore! The minute you feel like you can do it all, will be the minute you’ll kill your new resolution or goals. Please stay on you track and remember to “Slow Your Roll”.
7.     Days 15 through 21 – You’re getting closer. On day 15, it’s ok to go from 1.5 miles on the dreaded treadmill, to 3 miles, but don’t forget to add a walk in the middle of your run.  When you hit 2.2 miles, slowly bring your run down to a walk to catch your breath. Continue this for approximately .3 miles then pick up your pace to finish with a run.  The walk in the middle of your run will keep you going through day 21.
8.     Day 21!  WOOHOO! - At this point, it is time to get serious! You have a new routine and you've already forgotten that it was a New Year’s resolution.  Now it's time to incorporate a full program—with millions of workout programs online and free Apps available for your phone. You’ll need to determine what program will work best for you.  Browse through the free apps to determine the program that best suits your needs; weight loss, bulk up, healthy food choices, protein and vitamin needs. You get the picture.  I started with the Couch25K app on my iPhone. It was free and it helped me through a 12-week program including my training for my first 5K in well over a decade.
9.     Dieting - The dreaded "D" word. The 4-letter word that kills every good, healthy intention the minute it comes out of your mouth. I hate dieting so much I even hate to type the word! A few things to keep in mind, as a Type II diabetic, my diet should have been monitored many years before I actually learned about dieting. Admittedly, I could still do much better with my diet. As for you, and this new found lifestyle, the one thing to keep in mind is--SEE RULE NUMBER 5. Yes! By keeping it simple, you will not make yourself uncomfortable and it will help you to keep moving forward.  
10.     Phone-a-Friend - You are beginning to see results…you have been feeling great for weeks and you think your workout is easy and you want to phone a friend to join you. Newsflash: not everyone has the same goal as you do. You can try to convince your friend to come along, but be careful, because they may end up sabotaging your hard earned rewards. What I mean is, when you start a program it has to be for you, and only you. No two people have the exact same goals in life, let alone in lifestyle. I have helped many people achieve their fitness goals over the past few years, but I have never asked anyone to join me or forced the issue with them. The only way I have helped people is when they have approached me. So, when it comes to friends, let them seek you out. Besides, the chances are, if they come to you, it's because they see your progress. And, that is never a bad thing.
We’ll see you tomorrow for some ups and downs and why Ben Gay is your friend. 

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