Friday, March 21, 2014

Hey Fat Cats...

Let’s chat about diet and exercise…

The Paleo Diet is great, but it’s not just the diet that “fixed me”, there are many factors that have contributed to my health. However, truth be told, The Paleo Diet had the quickest and most profound impact to date.

My portions have changed, my "Fooditude" has changed, and the results are astounding!
Now, I know everyone can’t workout 5-days a week like I do, and they certainly can’t follow the same workout program. I understand no two people are alike, however, I do know the myriad of reasons people have for not taking better care of themselves. I know, I was there and now I’m living proof that anyone can turn their lifestyle around to celebrate their healthier tomorrows. 

 I’m here to work with YOU and for YOU…

For those reading, I am a BeachBody coach and I’m pleased to be introducing a new 21-day challenge starting on April 1st.
I’ll be posting the “Private Group” link at the end of this blog for those who want to join the 21-day challenge. Yes, it’s a private link through Facebook.

The April 1st Challenge information will be listed on the group page, even though this is not a Paleo challenge, it’s a portion control diet which is a much easier way to start a program that may change your life, or at least your "Fooditude", your attitude towards food and diet.
As your coach, I will also be doing the challenge with you. I will be available everyday by Facebook, e-mail, phone, text, video whatever method of communication you prefer--I’m Living Proof that YOU can do it!

Remember, it’s only 21 days to an improved YOU. I’m not sugar coating this, some days will be harder than other days, but remember the end goal—healthier tomorrows for YOU!

We all know how hard it is to start and new program, but with access to me ever day of the week; you’ll have a private support coach. Remember, I’ll be instrumental in getting you through the rough patches and celebrating with you as you hit each milestone along the way.
The first step starts with YOU. Follow the link below to sign-up for the April 1st, 21-Day Challenge!
A new YOU will begin today! Welcome and I look forward to being there for you throughout the challenge.

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